Building a Romantic Relationship that Lasts

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Romantic Relationships

A romantic relationship is like a jewel that everyone wants. It is that something that causes that tingling feeling, the excitement of sharing, the hope of something worthwhile, the joy of finally finding that true love.

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Many find it and hold on with both hands, however some find it and never stuck with it long enough for it to mature, then soon regret sets in.

Romantic relationships are not had overnight; it is like clay that has to be molded into pottery, gold that has to be refined or glass that has to be washed for you to see the sparkle.

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It is a process, whether long or short, that has to happen for you to witness the real beauty.  And when the beauty is had, it has to be tended like a garden to prevent weeds from entering and destroying it. If weeds take over your garden, then the flowers are strangled and even if the stronger flowers survive, the beauty of it is hidden behind those ugly weeds.

Relationship “Weeds”

  • Doubting your partnerit is usually brought about by lack of trust between you two.
  • Dishonesty – this creates the doubt a partner might have
  • Unfaithfulness
  • The unwillingness to share – caring and sharing goes hand in hand, anything outside of this may result in a cold and selfish relationship.
  • Unrealistic expectations of each other
  • Unwillingness to compromise – wanting things your way all the time
  • Unwillingness to apologize and forgive
  • Lack of proper communication

Simple Romantic Hints

  • Great communication is the key; talking about anything and everything actually helps.
  • Have realistic expectations; no one is perfect.
  • Be willing to compromise; you can’t have it your way all the time.
  • Be willing to apologize and forgive.
  • Keep the affection flowing by doing sweet gestures – like calling to say your thinking about them, wearing the colour they like on a date, buying little gifts like candies, fruit baskets, roses.
  • Compliment the new blouse or the new tie that your partner has bought for your special evening out.
  • Say “thank you” when you are appreciative of something your partner has done for you.
  • Give a listening ear when your partner has a bad day at work.
  • Do things together in the home – like cooking dinner, you might be surprised of the fun you can have.

Many times people say relationships are hard work and I believe them. However this is no reason to give up and throw in the towel as soon as an obstacle gets in the way, in fact that obstacle should be as a challenge for you to overcome to make you stronger as a couple.

No romantic relationship is always smooth sailing, some turmoil will arise at some point, but what you need to do when such things happen is to “stay together”. It is best to face problems together than apart, after all, aren’t you “partners”?

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Karlene Smith is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and currently studying her MSc in Nurse Anesthesia. Karlene likes to write about parenting, health, and relationship issues. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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