New Year, New You: 25 Relaxing Stress Busters for the New Year

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Relaxing Stress Busters

Do you get stressed-out around the holidays? THM has taken this opportunity to add a little flavor to your holiday by inviting you to check out these 25 relaxing stress busters, which will help you relax and actually enjoy the holidays! I am sure something is there for everyone, come with us and see:

  1. Singing in the shower- whether it sounds good or horrible, loud, soft or silly, it works! You’ll feel light and renewed afterwards.
  2. Turn off the lights and sit quietly in a room or lie on your bed and just enjoy the fragrance of your favorite candle or scented plug-in. This facilitates deep breathing and aroma therapy.
  3. Take a long bathe or soak with dermatologist recommended bath oils and sugars. Let the warm water take the winter cold and stress away.
  4. Listen to music you like, for example, classical, jazz and soul are calming and graceful.
  5. Get a full body massage or foot rub from your spouse or a specialist.
  6. Read a novel written by your favorite author or that book your friends have been buzzing about.
  7. Watch a good movie.
  8. Perform cool down exercises or yoga.
  9. Have a night out for dinner with someone special.
  10. Take a spa day; get your hair and nails done, plus a facial.
  11. Enjoy a beautiful scenery, maybe overlooking the city lights, the sea or by the lake.
  12. Go for a swim.
  13. Talk about the problem with a trusted friend.
  14. Bake your favorite dessert.
  15. Put your feet up and have some tea.
  16. Take a vacation to that place you have always wanted to visit.
  17. Go on a camping adventure in the country with family or friends and get away from the noisy, busy, crowded city.
  18. Go watch a stand-up comedy or play and get a belly full of laughs.
  19. Fly a kite with your child or children or do something fun with him or her, like chasing each other with water guns or blowing up the air pool and taking a dip.
  20. Go for a walk in the park or visit a botanical garden.
  21. Shop online for the latest clothes, footwear, gadgets or visit your favorite online magazine for its newest articles and trends.
  22. Have a games night and play games like, Pictionary, scrabble, taboo or get active with a Wii.
  23. Paint or draw something that is always on your mind.
  24. Work on that long standing project you have in your basement or in the yard, like, mending your boat, building a piece of furniture, making a backyard garden, you name it!
  25. Finally, spend some time outdoors or near a window on sunny days. It stimulates the production of feel-good serotonin and also helps relieve stress.

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