10 Simple Things You Can Do To Clear Your Sinus

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Sinus Allergies

Sinus allergies are very common in our society and many people around the world suffer from this infection. Symptoms may include nasal congestions, headaches, sore throat or even facial tenderness.

Some people may or may not know how to reduce or clear sinus allergies; however, we will shed some light and offer you some easy remedies that are sure to relieve your symptoms. Here we go:

1. Take Long Showers – The heat and steam from a hot shower do wonder for stuffy noise caused by sinus allergy. Stay as long as you can in the shower, the steam from the hot shower will help to open your nasal passage and make your body refreshed.

2. Drink Tea/Warm Beverage – There are many herbal or night time teas out there that help your body feel calm and relax, but they can also help with sinus allergies. Drink slowly while you breathe in the scent of your freshly made beverage.

3. Use Over-the-Counter Medications – Some over-the-counter meds can be highly effective in reducing sinus allergies. The best way to identify a medication right for you is to consult your doctor and knowing what works best for you.

4. Drink Lots of Fluids – Drink room temperature water or water from the tap. Staying hydrated can help loosen thick mucus and also helps the dry throat you may have.

5. Use a Vapour Rub – Rub your chest, neck and ask someone to rub your back with your preference of a vapor rub. You could also put a small amount of the vapor rub in hot water and hold your face over the steaming water.

6. Temple Rubs/Massages – Using both your index and middle fingers, apply a small amount of pressure to your forehead and slowly rotate in a clockwise motion. Doing the same for your temples and back of your head helps to break up clogged areas.

7. Use a Nasal SprayStudies have shown that nasal sprays help to liquefy mucus secretions in the nose.

8. Have a sweet with Menthol ingredient – Sucking on any of these will help your throat feel better as it clears your clog nostrils.

9. A Humidifier or Vaporizer – If your symptoms are worse at night, use two or more pillows to keep your head slightly propped up and sleep with a cool mist humidifier. Breathing in moist air can greatly improve symptoms in the morning.

10. Reduce Allergic TriggerWhat is it that is trigging your sinus? If you can’t seem to figure it out, it may be worth taking a trip to an allergist.

When it comes to sinus allergies or infections any one or a combination of each of the tips listed can be used. However, it’s all about knowing your body and how it reacts and choosing the best remedy or remedies to relieve your symptoms.

So go ahead give them a try the next time your sinus acts up. Tell us in comments if you use any of the above or let us know your list of remedies that works for you.

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3 Responses to “10 Simple Things You Can Do To Clear Your Sinus”

  1. David Bowie says:

    I got myself thoroughly checked still suffering through the same problem, again and again. I am fed up of this blocked nose and no remedy, I just have headaches all the time and just cannot sleep properly.

  2. mire says:

    I use allergex and sometimes sinutab or sinugesic it sometimes do help other times not but lately my sinus is worse than ever and its irratating so what do I do now?

    • THM Editorial says:

      Hi, I would recommend that you visit your doctor or perhaps an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist for medical investigations to confirm whether or not your sinuses are the real problem for the worsening signs and symptoms. Your doctor would prescribe meds and regular follow up to see if the intended response to treatment is occurring. In the meantime you should stay away from allergens. Foods like nuts and milk may cause increase mucous production that causes blockage of the sinuses but it’s not known by many persons.

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