Weekly Roundup of Need to Know Health News (Apr 24 – 30)

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1. How Your Smartphone is Ruining Your Relationship

Nothing kills romance faster than pulling out a smartphone, and now, research confirms it. Being attached to your phone seems to sabotage your attachment with your loved one. [Time]

2. Gene therapy reverses sight loss and is long-lasting

A genetic therapy has improved the vision of patients who would otherwise have gone blind. [BBC]

3. Mysterious outbreak: 5 things to know about Elizabethkingia

An outbreak of a rare bacterial illness that first appeared in Wisconsin has now popped up in two nearby states, officials say. [FoxNews]

4. Teen Birth Rates Plummet Among Blacks, Latinas: CDC

Birth rates among black and Latina teenagers have fallen dramatically over the past decade, but these young women are still often three times as likely as their white peers to have babies, a new government report finds. [NBC News]

5. Mindfulness Therapy May Help Ease Recurrent Depression

Mindfulness therapy may help reduce the risk of repeated bouts of depression, researchers report. [NLM]

6. Avoiding Peanuts to Avoid an Allergy Is a Bad Strategy for Most

Research in the last few years has consistently shown that all this avoidance often does more harm than good. In many cases, we need to be doing the opposite. [NYTimes]

7. How often should you pee?

Do you get up to pee twice as often as your co-workers? Or maybe you’re the type of person who can go hours without a bathroom break, no matter how much water you drink.  [CNN]

8. Alcohol: Risk factor for oral cancer

Based on extensive reviews of research studies, there is a strong scientific consensus of an association between alcohol drinking and several types of cancer. [Jamaica Observer]

9. Five Scientifically Proven Things You Can Do to Get Better Sleep at Night

Looking to get better sleep at night? You’re not alone, but this isn’t going to be easy. To get better sleep, you might have to make some sacrifices. [NYMag]

10. Your gut bacteria are more than what you eat

Like it or not, the microbes in and on our bodies play a big role in human health and disease. [Science Magazine]

Surprising discovery:

Babies Who Eat Rice Cereal Have Higher Arsenic Levels, Study Finds

When it comes to introducing babies to solid foods, rice cereal is often first. Studies have found that rice-based foods contain traces of arsenic, and sometimes levels are surprisingly high. [NPR]

#QuoteoftheWeek – “To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.”  ~William Londen

Happy weekend #THMFam. Remember you can always reach us directly by emailing [email protected] and follow us on Twitter and on Facebook for more updates.

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