Publishing/Editorial Policy

Editorial Publishing

Editorial Policy is a professional online publication that is neither controlled nor influenced by third parties; neither are our advertisers or our partners influencing our content or editing process.

To be clear, we are editorially independent so that we can bring you unbiased and accurate information on a wide range of health issues. Quality content is very important to us, that is why we have guidelines and rules which explicitly guide our editing, writing and communication process.

Accuracy and Review of Content

Our original content is mainly produced by experts in the field, in some cases health experts are interviewed during article production. All of our content are also fact-checked and reviewed periodically for accuracy.

That said, content can always be improved, so please send us feedback if you find anything confusing or spot a mistake—we’ll get back to you with answers and, if needed, corrections.

Publishing Policy

  • Advertiser content may appear on but it will be clearly marked as such.
  • does not publish press releases or any other public relations (PR) content.
  • Every article is reviewed by experts before it gets published.
  • does not influence the opinions of its writers or contributors and does not force them to tailor their work to fit our personal interests, objectives or opinions.
  • Advertisers and sponsors has no influence on content.

Publishing Content

The Managing Editor of reserves all rights to approve, edit, or reject editorial content submitted for publication. Section editor is responsible for proofreading and for making any changes that may be necessary before final approval of articles.

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