Priceless Attributes Women Look for in Men

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Attributes Women Look for in Men

Just as there are some qualities that all guys want in a woman, there are certain attributes that all ladies look for in a prospective partner.  Check out these qualities that women look for in a partner (from real people).

Kind, compassionate, loving but is a thug so he can defend me if push comes to shove, has money but not necessarily rich, knows what loyalty is, has some domestic skills and is family oriented and believes that there is a God. Someone who knows how to love me without being told.

– S.L

Good communicator…problems will arise in every relationship, God fearing…without God it is not going to get anywhere, Respectful…goes without saying, Good provider…I still believe the man is the head of the household and this is one of his primary responsibilities, and of course; loving, caring, family oriented, loyal…

– J.W

God fearing; believe that there is a superior being above us. Honest and trustworthy, there should not be any second guessing in the mind based on speech or action. Be yourself and put all pretenses aside. Kind and caring, not only monetarily. No form of selfishness, there should be a partnership, everyone has feelings. Care about others as well, that says a lot. Ambitious; strives for excellence by setting goals and going after them. There ought to be something that you can do to make a meaningful contribution to society. These are some of the vital ones.

– N.S

He must be honest, hardworking, loving, caring and dedicated.

– A.W

Partner must be God fearing…seeking things that are spiritual. Loves God and the things that concerns God. Loving and caring towards me and others, example, show interest in my other family members. Shows interest in the things that interest me not because he necessarily likes it but because of me. Will put plans in place and consider me as a part of his long term plan.

– N.R

  1. Shares my Religious Belief
  2. Understand the importance of family
  3. Respect me
  4. Want and will take care of our children
  5. Want to serve in church
  6. Will keep me as the apple of his eye
  7. Observes fidelity
  8. Ambitious and a go-getter
  9. Protects us emotionally
  10. Shares similar values and principles
  11. Loves his relatives and tries to love and respect mine.
  12. Not gay, bisexual or a transgender.
  13. Over time, I become his best friend.
  14. Not a ‘house rat’; want to go out and celebrates dates.
  15. Tells me when I’m wrong and accept when I tell him too.
  16. Does not give up on us easily.

– N.M

A genuine person…Being who he really is…No pretending…Being able to give of his true self.

– Y.S

  1. Must have a passion for serving Christ
  2. Loyal and Faithful
  3. Kind and Sensitive
  4. Ambitious and driven to meet his goals
  5. Willing to go the extra mile for me and his family
  6. Family oriented and able to prioritize and balance his life and family
  7. Spontaneous and romantic; thinks outside of the box
  8. Able to listen to my concerns even without necessarily finding a solution
  9. Able to defend and also challenge me
  10. Genuine and Authentic
  11. Takes time to learn my likes and dislikes

– S.S

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Karlene Smith is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and currently studying her MSc in Nurse Anesthesia. Karlene likes to write about parenting, health, and relationship issues. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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