I’m in my seventh month of Pregnancy, what should I have packed?

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pregnant hospital bag checklist

“I’m in my seventh month of pregnancy and my nurse says I should be all packed and ready”. Are you or anyone you know in this position? If you know what to pack in your suitcase to take to the hospital already for delivery of your baby, it is good, and this might just be a reminder. However, if you don’t, allow us to help you get started. Some hospitals will keep you for 12-24 hours after delivery depending on your parity and maybe even three or more days if you did caesarean section or develop complications, so packing is dependent on that.

For mommy:

  • Bed sheets- about 2 sets, if the hospital permits.
  • Night gowns- about 4, preferably with open front to facilitate breastfeeding
  • Panties- about 6, tight but comfortable enough to properly hold your perineal pad after delivery
  • Brassieres- about 4, preferably two cup sizes more than regular to snuggly keep your breasts upright especially with the extra weight and size added due to breast milk production.
  • Maternity pads- about 2 packs
  • Wash rags and towels- about 2 each
  • A cosmetic bag with- deodorant, lotion, bath soap, hair brush, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush and any other item to care for your personal hygiene.
  • Important documents as required by hospital or delivery center
  • Incontinent pads or clear plastic to protect bed from blood soils after delivery
  • Medications you are currently using to declare to medical personnel
  • Beast pads- optional
  • Footwear- if slippers are permitted use sponge that are easily washed
  • Clothes to wear home on discharge from hospital

For baby:

  • Receivers- about 5
  • Diapers- 1 pack
  • Wipes- 1 pack
  • Wash rags- about 6
  • Caps- about 4
  • Socks- about 4 pairs
  • Shirts- about 8
  • Towels- about 3
  • Hospital’s or Care Center’s choice of anti-infective solution for umbilical cord care, if not provided by them
  • Basin- 1 for bathing baby
  • ‘Monkey suit’ – 1 in case the weather is cold

So now you know what to pack, here are some other plans you should ensure you put in place nearing your due date.

  • Have contact number for transport to hospital
  • Solicit home help to assist you when you return home after delivery
  • Make plans as to where you are going to leave your other children while you are in hospital

Have grocery at home because when you return you might not be able to make a supermarket run.

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Karlene Smith is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and currently studying her MSc in Nurse Anesthesia. Karlene likes to write about parenting, health, and relationship issues. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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