How to Keep Cool This Summer (Without AC)

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Are you suffering through a summer without an AC? Living through a hot summer without AC seems impossible but, didn’t our forefathers do it? As it turned out; they learned a few things in the process. Read on for some tried and proven DIY tips for staying cool on hot nights.

Stay hydrated
1. Stay hydrated.
Drink water frequently to stay hydrated; this will make your body feel cooler. Try drinking eight ounces of water at least every hour. Spice it up a bit; add orange, strawberry or cucumber slices to your water to make it more refreshing.

2. Spray Mist.
Fill a spray bottle with water and place it in the refrigerator for a quick refreshing spray to your face after being outdoors.

3. Close blinds.
Closing windows and blinds in the day will help block the sun’s heat from fully getting in. As soon as the sun hits your building in the morning, close all windows and exterior doors throughout the day. Do this until night falls and then it will be cool enough to open the windows for the night breeze to pass through the entire house and cool it down.

Cool Fan

4. Get a fan or a humidifier for your room.
A fan on a low setting that can keep a light breeze blowing across your room can work wonders. A humidifier helps add moisture to the air by releasing water vapor throughout the room to increase the humidity level in your home.

5. Keep fans clean.
Wash fans and keep ceiling fan blades clean, this will give you cleaner and cooler air and cut down on dust which may irritate sinus allergies.

6. Create a cross-breeze.
Position a fan beside a window, so the wind from outside and the fan combine in a cooling cross-breeze. Want to get crazy with it? Set up multiple fans throughout the room to make the airflow even more active.

Cotton sheets
7. Choose cotton.
Use silk or satin pillowcases, and satin sheets. Light-colored bed linens made of lightweight cotton are much more breathable, feel smoother and excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom as you sleep.

8. Wear loose-fitting clothing.
Less is definitely more when it comes on to summer. Pick a loose, soft cotton shirt and shorts or underwear preferably of a light color. Going nude during summer is a controversial statement. Some people believe it helps keep them cool, while others claim going fully nude means sweat stays on the body rather than on fabric. We will leave this one up to personal preference.

9. Choose hairstyles carefully.
Wearing your hair up instead of on your shoulders is another way to keep cool. When your hair is in continuous contact with your neck or back it creates warmth and sweating. Plus, you wouldn’t want to be sweating out your hairstyle anyway.

Frequent Showers
10. Take frequent baths or showers.
Taking frequent showers will definitely make you feel cooler. It is always a good idea to bathe just before going to bed.

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