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Sleep Better

How to Sleep Better In the Daytime

Did you know that sleep is affected by light and darkness? Perhaps that’s the reason many persons say “daytime for work and nighttime for sleep”. ...

10 Easy Ways to Relax During the Day

When stress builds up and the tension is about to drive you crazy whether at work or at home, and you wish you could find an easy way just to take the pressure off, ...
Compatible Couples

The Secret Behind Compatible Couples

Often times we hear persons ask the question; Are you guys compatible? Or say, “you have to at least be compatible for it to work” but what does compatibility ...
Attractive Features

What Does Science Say Are The Most Attractive Features?

You have no doubt heard the expression, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but did you know that the way humans process attractiveness is universal? ...

13 Of Our Favorite Yogi Tea Inspirational Quotes

It often takes hard work, persistence and a little motivation to succeed. Today, we will share 13 of our favorite yogi tea inspirational quotes, that will stir you and get you moving ...
Puerperal Psychosis

What is Puerperal Psychosis?

Puerperal Psychosis is a group of illnesses which occur following childbirth. It is characterized by delusions, hallucinations and impaired perception of reality ...
Gluten Free Diet

How to Eat Out – The Gluten Free Way

Eating out with family and friends is a wonderful part of living a lifestyle that is both happy and healthy for everyone. Maintaining a diet that is gluten free ...



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