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Foods to Prevent Cancer

5 Healthy Foods to Prevent Cancer

Food has been defined as any substance which when taken in, gives energy to the body, helps it to grow and restores or maintains its cells. Since food has 3 extremely ...
Foods Best Avoided

Top 5 Foods Best Avoided at All Cost

1. Fruit Juice The vast majority of people are rather surprised when they learn that large amounts of fruit juice are actually harmful to the body. To start with, ...
Formula for Achieving Happiness

3 Components of a Fool-Proof Formula for Achieving Happiness

Just like working with any other mathematical formula, one primarily must be acutely aware of all the existing components that make up the formula itself. Thus happiness ...
Healthy Diet

4 Facts That Bust Myths of a Healthy Diet

What does our body need to feel and look healthy? Even though we cannot stress the importance of a proper diet enough, the human body may require additional supplementation to function ...
Treadmill Run

6 Reasons to Look Forward to Your Next Treadmill Run

One of the best ways that you can improve your level of fitness and slim that expanding waistline is with outdoor running. It opens up the opportunity to explore ...

Why is Smoking a Big No for Your Teeth?

Not only does smoking increase your risk of heart attacks, respiratory diseases and pregnancy complications, it’s also the main cause for almost a third of ...
Apple Pie Matcha Mugcake

Apple Pie Matcha Mugcake Recipe

This recipe will make all lazy and not so morning people (including me) very happy. Are you asking why? Because it takes about 5 minutes and tastes just like apple ...


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